Confusion - Digital Surreal Painting by Abie Davis (The Minion Factory)

Confusion - Digital Surreal Painting by Abie Davis (The Minion Factory)


Lately I have been feeling very confused when it comes to my art and creativity. It is as if no matter what I create, it simply ends up not satisfying me. In fact, I could go so far as to say that I am feeling very disappointed with my art and latest creative endeavors!

Of course, I suppose that there are several reactions to these feelings. I could simply ignore them and continue creating art – but, emotions and feelings are exactly what drive my art and ignoring them means ignoring my art! In that case a machine could be doing that! On the other hand I could try to find a solution for these feelings… and I think that I will be going with the latter.

So, why am I feeling like this? I probably first need to find out how I am feeling, right? Simply put – my work feels inadequate (despite my recent sales on Zazzle and even RedBubble showing the opposite!) Maybe I am expecting too much, too fast, or I am so driven to “perfection” that I ignore the obvious – art is not perfection. Art cannot ever be perfect. That is the magic of art and painting… that is the mystery and the appeal of real beauty, the type that you can only discover through the minute flaws and errors.

All and well to realize that, to understand that I cannot expect my art to be “perfect” and yet, it does nothing for my confusion! I still feel, stuck in a mood, which I guess is as close to “writer’s block” as ever. Well, they do say that to cure writer’s block you need to write. In this case, I will clear this confusion and paint, create – invent! What else do I have to overcome these silly feelings of inadequacy?

In the mean time, thank you so much to everybody that has been continuing to support my art! It is wonderful to realize that people still think that my art is good, even when (sometimes) I feel like I may have lost faith in myself. Hopefully soon I will be back on the wagon – creating and inventing faster and better than ever before! The great “confusing” cycle continues!

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